Distribution Products

While manufacturing and fabrication are our main focus, we often help our customers limit the amount of vendors they need to work with by offering certain items for distribution.

Our Distribution Process

Expanded Rubber Products can provide a variety of products that are outside of the realm of what we normally produce when there is a need. If there is a product that we can supply to help complete or improve your next engineering task, let us know. We ship throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.


We go the extra mile to provide supplemental distribution products that help our clients complete projects– even if these items are outside of the normal realm of what we produce.

  • Corrugated cartons
    (limited to what we keep in stock)
  • Upholstery Dacron or fiber
  • Sew foam

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Latex foam sheet
  • EVA sheet
  • Ethafoam plank & sheet

Distribution Products


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