Fabrication Portfolio

Fabrication Portfolio PVC Cushioning Foam

PVC Cushioning Foam Insert

PVC cushioning foam fabricated to our customer's requirements. The foam is used in agriculture collection totes to reduce tote damage and product loss.

Reticulated Foam Fabrication for Outside Furniture

Reticulated Foam for Outside Furniture

Reticulated foam fabrication for outside furniture – we fabricated reticulated foam for a custom-built ottoman to be used on an outdoor patio. This project showcases our ability to cut foam into any type of specialty shape.

Polyester-Polyurethane for Upholstery Application - Fabrication portfolio

Polyester-Polyurethane for Upholstery

Our customer ordered polyester-polyurethane to be fabricated for an indoor seating upholstery application which required a specific part size including angle cuts.

Reticulated Foam Fabrication

Reticulated Foam Fabrication

Custom reticulated foam fabrication for an outdoor seating upholstery project. Our customer required multiple angles for a chair back.