About Us

Expanded Rubber Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and fabricator of open cell and closed cell expanded rubber and plastic products. We offer product solutions from simple to unique helping the customer meet their required product needs.‬

About Expanded Rubber Products

Expanded Rubber Products, Inc. was established in Sanford, Maine in 1968 as a manufacturer of open cell sponge rubber. Our products can be shipped throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Using custom formulas, we manufacture open cell sponge rubber to meet product specifications, which is then processed into specialty shapes. The fabrication side of our business uses cellular rubber and plastic materials, either manufactured by us and/or purchased from an outside vendor, that are then re-shaped and re-sized (with or without laminations) to create a specific part.

We can offer unique solutions that you won’t find anywhere else – our engineers listen to our customers’ needs and work to develop exclusive ways of manufacturing or fabricating the right products to solve all your design challenges. Contact us now to find out more!


Raw material ingredients are mixed using compound formulations and processed into specialty shape goods used in component assemblies.


Raw materials purchased from other manufacturers are changed in size and shape to create designed parts used in component assemblies.

About Open Cell Sponge Rubber

Open cell sponge rubber possesses an interconnected cell structure which will permit limited absorption and circulation of gases and fluids. The outer surface of the material is continuous (rather than porous) and exhibits good physical durability. Because air can pass freely between its cells, sponge offers a high degree of compressibility and displays fast recovery upon release from compression. Open cell sponge is absorbent and should not be used where resistance to fluid penetration is required, unless protected with a surface coating.


  • Continuous Cure Presses
  • Stationary Cure Presses
  • Internal Mixers
  • Rubber Process Mills
  • Rubber Process Calendars 


  • Cutting Saws, Splitters & Slitters
  • Die Cutting
  • Coring/Boring
  • Liquid Adhesive Laminating
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Laminating